Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Planting Season Once Again

Many of us want to have vegetable garden in our backyard. I am one of them, though I'm still new to gardening I keep on researching on how to do it productively.
Here are some basic instructions to create your own edible garden:

Do a test on your soil to see what sort of ammendments it might need, or if it has traces of lawn chemicals.

Cover the grass with newspaper, and place raised beds on top, or use sod-cutter to remove existing grass, roll it up, give it away, or find a new use for it.

If planting in existing compacted earth, use roto-tiller to loosen soil (or just turn over the existing turf and let it decompose)

Spread around 2-6 inches of compost.

Till the soil again to mix in the new compost.

Mark out a plan for your edible garden with stakes and tape.

Plant your seedlings according to the planting calendar and mulch well.

Water them in thoroughly and install soaker hoses or drip lines as necessary for irrigation

Install fencing as necessary to deter local animal visitors if that becomes an issue(rabbits?)

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